McLaren Audio History

Mclaren Audio Brief History

Mclaren Audio was first manufactured in 1976 (Established by Paul McLaren) on a fairly small scale for the local New Zealand market, this continued until 1982 with the product range slowly expanding. In 1982 a review in Australian HI FI prompted the design and consequent manufacture of the ZPE range of professional power amplifiers primarily for the Australian market.

The scale of the Audio operation was expanded to deal with this large increase in demand and provided the incentive for further research and development.
In 1985 the 02 Mclaren series was launched on the New Zealand and U.S. markets with initially a slow response. However after some cosmetic redesigning the product was accepted into a number of overseas markets. (U.S. Hong Kong, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Germany, Taiwan)

The Mclaren Audio range has also been reviewed by a few international magazines including Audio, The Absolute Sound, Australian HI FI, La Nouvelle No 10 and HI FI Heretic.

Outlined Below are the products on which I (Bruce Crothers) have had a major involvement while with Zetka Industries.
McLaren 601 Basic Pre Amplifier Early1981
Mclaren 701 100w Power amplifier mid 1981
Mclaren 801 180w Power amplifier mid 1981
ZPE 500 250w/channel power amplifier early 1983
ZPE 600 300w/channel power amplifier 1983
ZPE 1000 500w/channel power amplifier 1983
Mclaren 602 Straight line preamplifier mid 1985
Mclaren 702 100w/channel power amplifier mid 1985
Mclaren 402 Full function preamplifier late 1985
Mclaren 902 250w mono power amplifier late 1985
Mclaren 1002 F.M. tuner 1986
Mclaren A150 Intergrated Amplifier late 1986
ZPE 400 135W into 8 200W into 4 Prof Amp 1987
ZPE 700 250W into 8 350W into 4 Prof Amp 1987
Mclaren 603 Preamplifier late 1988
Mclaren 703 Power amplifier 100W/channel late 1988
Mclaren 903 250w mono power amplifier late 1988
Mclaren A150B Integrated Amplifier early 1990
ZPE 1500 460 into 8ohm 750W into 4ohm Prof Amp late 1990
Mclaren 603S Preamplifier late 1990
Mclaren 703S Stereo Power amplifier 100W/channel late1990
Mclaren 903S Mono Power amplifier 250W/channel late1990

The scale of the Mclaren operation has reduced after 1981-1990 years but still has strong reputation in the N.Z and overseas markets.

Amplifier Consultants Ltd (Bruce Crothers)

With Zetka industries failing in 1990. I have continued development of the range under Amplifier Consultants and have completed designs for the products below

Mclaren Aura 30w integrated Amplifier mid 1992
ZPE Series 3 Proffesional power amplifiers early 1993
Mclaren Astral 50w integrated Amplifier mid 1993
Mclaren Vega control preamplifer Late 1993
McLaren 704 Power system 1995
McLaren 604 Preamplifier 1996

From 1993 I have developed a series of services in modification of Compact disk players addressing some major deficiencies . This has also lead to a modification/upgrade service for amplifiers again addressing problems which are endemic in most modern amplifiers. With an extension into upgrade and modification of speakers.

Also continued the research work on the major problems facing amplifier designs.