I spent the entire evening home alone getting to know the new sound of the amps. I found myself laughing out loud several times due to hearing more detail than ever before. I asked ‘what have you done to my amps?’ (in a good way) several times. They are so responsive. I could hear the pluck of strings so clearly, the impact of drums, and the clarity of vocals. The staging is so precise. I am so impressed with what you have done here. Thank you so much.


The amp is sounding better every time I listen to it. Vocals are so much clearer and the response at the low end is something I have not experienced through my Es 14 speakers before.

 I find around 2 to 3 volume is great for general listening and anything more than that is starting to move some air.

 Friday night I had a session playing records and was so engrossed in the experience that I never realized it was the wee hours of the following day before I turned in.

 As you suspected from the outset, I believe this amp will be with me for many listening years to come.

Account has been paid in full and funds should be processed Monday.

Thanks again Bruce for the great job done.


The 301 Equaliser has just arrived and once again I’m blown away by the clarity of sound from the McLaren system

I am hearing instruments in my albums that I have never heard before!!Hard to believe the system was built in the 1980s!

I dropped the payment for your work on the 501 amplifier at the couriers this morning so should arrive at your new property about the middle of next week?

I returned from work on Thursday and was having a coffee and listening to Miles Davis on the McLaren and wow the music was just so clear and precise the more I listen the sound just gets better!!!!

Arcam CD player: Being at work for a couple of weeks and listening to mp3 then coming home and getting the McLaren going it’s like chalk and cheese!! I don’t know any of the correct adjectives but the sound is crystal clear with each instrument standing out!!!I’m very happy with the results Bruce


The combination of the 702 with the Magnepan 1.7i’s is incredible and getting better with use. They fill the house (not small) with natural sound such that when in another room it sounds as if we have a live band or orchestra playing in the house instead of music coming from speakers. Yet they do not seem loud in the room that they are in. The imaging is spectacular and while they do not rattle your internal organs the bass is clear and natural. We have heard things that we never heard before.  I always thought that the tubular bells rang with a ‘clang’ (on “Tubular Bells”) but with this combination they ring. As everyone always comments, piano’s sound unbelievable.


McLaren 101 standard: Many thanks for this. I connected it up on the weekend. It sounds amazing especially now that I have sorted the hum out. 

I have a borrowed $1600.00 dollar step up transformer out of Germany to compare. Very little in it. Perhaps a bit more detail at top and bottom. 

Don’t know what the head amps cost new but certainly not over a thousand dollars worth of difference. 


I would agree, its a great upgrade, added new life to my 30year old ampler McLaren A150, I was about to scratch the itch and by another second hand amplifier made in Aotearoa, that name rimes with Phineas.
I wasn’t going to sell my McLaren, (that is my sons inheritance) for the last 6 years I have been using a Chines made Valve amp that sounded better that the McLaren A150 74w A/B solid state vs 50w Valve class A Chinese made nice smooth analogue sound that I love.
the A150 was only used for the TV not my Turntable in this time.
Now I am playing the turntable and streamer through the A150 and loving it the Valve is different slightly smoother and slower that I still prefer, but post upgrade I would not say the valve sound’s better, just different.