In the last few months I have been asked to repair and upgrade amplifiers from other manufacturers. These have included Perreaux, A7R Cambridge and Yamaha. In all cases the improvements were dramatic! The owners of these amplifiers without exception commented on the very significant enhancement of their listening pleasure. This opens up many possibilities or … Continue reading Exploration


I have had two customers with premium upgrades comment that the sound quality they are experiencing, "just keeps getting better". One listened into the small hours not realizing that time had passed it was so engaging. The other has had the nearly 40 year old equipment in its upgraded form for around for 4 months. … Continue reading Performance!

Premuim Upgrades

We have just completed the development of a new and exciting upgrade. Premium upgrades offer a new level of performance that would be very hard to match. Offering performance well beyond the expectations of most audio enthusiasts. Performance so good that it is closer to live acoustic music than any current reproduction system.

McLaren’s last the distance.

I am very pleased to have been able to help quite a few people get old McLaren amplifiers returned to service recently. Many in very distant from myself, Germany, France and Australia come to mind as well as positive comments and discovery of the performance of McLaren's purchased second hand in Portugal! and NZ.