Long Live McLaren amplifers

In recent weeks I have been very busy upgrading a good number of McLaren amplifiers from between 35 and 39 years old. The comments from the owners on there return to service have been very complimentary. I also have realized that this now puts the Mclaren’s ahead of all others in terms of product life. A technology product with a 70-80 year expected working life as I expect the modified amplifiers to go for another 40 years! This is something that we are in need of with far to many throw away items in our lives.

My thinking is now turning to other brands that may be able to be upgraded in the same way giving them a life extension of a similar length.

3 thoughts on “Long Live McLaren amplifers

    1. Hello Bruce….. I am interested in the upgrade. I have tried to send you messages through your site’s “contact us” page and called the above cell no. , but I am still unable to contact you…………..


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