Premuim Upgrades

We have just completed the development 
of a new and exciting upgrade.
Premium upgrades offer a new 
level of performance that would be very
 hard to match.
Offering performance well beyond
 the expectations of most audio enthusiasts.
Performance so good that it is
 closer to live acoustic music than any current 
reproduction system.

One thought on “Premuim Upgrades

  1. I would agree, its a great upgrade, added new life to my 30year old ampler McLaren A150, I was about to scratch the itch and by another second hand amplifier made in Aotearoa, that name rimes with Phineas.
    I wasn’t going to sell my McLaren, (that is my sons inheritance) for the last 6 years I have been using a Chines made Valve amp that sounded better that the McLaren A150 74w A/B solid state vs 50w Valve class A Chinese made nice smooth analogue sound that I love.
    the A150 was only used for the TV not my Turntable in this time.
    Now i am playing the turntable and streamer through the A150 and loving it the Valve is different slightly smoother and slower that i still prefer, but post upgrade i would not sat the valve sound’s better, just different.


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